© Krista Mellin. Data explorer for medical data.

Design for healthcare & wellness

I have been designing a multitude of healthcare and well-being concepts and products during the past five years. We have made for example a data explorer for medical data, a clinical patient view, integrations to smart watches and much more.

A restricted domain does not come without challenges. Some learnings include working around technical limitations and hunting down ways of improvement, all the while taking regulation and safety into account.

Working around technical limits with co-operation

The main problem with healthcare is obviously privacy of patients, but also layers of legacy systems and data structures. It means a lot of communication between design and data experts. In the best case, technical boundaries can be fitted into user needs by clever design choices.

Avoiding superhuman abilities of coping with pointless complexity

Gathering user needs from healthcare professionals can also be somewhat challenging. Doctors and nurses are often quite busy, they have zero interest in learning yet another new system and they have generated a superhuman ability to cope with needlessly complex user interfaces. Thus actual usability problems and areas of improvement have to be carefully sniffed out.

© Krista Mellin. Clinical patient view.
© Krista Mellin. Data explorer for medical data.

Supporting top athletes and coaches: A case study.

Training app is a solution for coaches and athletes. It combines data from different sources, Polar smart watch for example, to a single application, so that coaches can easily monitor the wellbeing of the athletes they are coaching.

Finding the right use cases

The application is built as a responsive web app, so it can be used with any device, without the need for installation. I've been working as lead designer since the project started. Together with product management we've been discovering the most important use cases and created a useful tool for both athletes and coaches.

Tapping into physical data

Most of the data comes from different sources of physical data, enriched with daily reports of feeling and recovery. Working with IoT, integrations to different systems are a necessary evil. Making those as seamless as possible is one of the design challenges that crosses over to the technical side as well.

My responsibilities:

  • User interviews
  • Concept design
  • Visual design
  • UI design & design system
  • Service design & product management
  • Interactive prototypes (Figma)
© Krista Mellin. Coach dashbboard.
© Krista Mellin. Athlete mobile app.
© Krista Mellin. Athlete mobile app.