I design impactful products and brands.

My name is Krista Mellin and I am an experienced digital designer from Helsinki, Finland. I help companies in solving tricky design problems. As a design consultant for nearly two decades, I have been building concepts and products for financial services, e-commerce, marketing, education, public infrastructure, cloud services, robotics, and others.

Contact me at krista@mellindesign.com and let's find out how I can help you.

© Krista Mellin. Clay model of Supergiant hero illustration.
© Krista Mellin. Supergiant hero image.

I've been creating concepts for public and private healthcare domain for several years. As lead concept designer I focus on finding both user needs and technical opportunities by working with different stakeholders.

© Krista Mellin. Data explorer UI design.
© Krista Mellin. Training app design.

Working with data engineers and scientists comes as a second nature by now. Lately I've been designing concepts and user interfaces for NLP (Natural Language Processing), distributed computing, cryptocurrency and other technical areas.

© Krista Mellin. NLP UI design.
© Krista Mellin. Distributed computing UI.

My illustration style is fun, distinctive and cute. Colourful visuals add personality to any brand and make it more valued and memorable to customers.

© Krista Mellin. Beely web illustrations.
© Krista Mellin. Yoga app illustrations.

I've been working as lead designer in different product teams, doing my research and collecting needs for new features. I have a good understanding of design systems, style architecture and how to keep a product consistent over time and across channels.

© Krista Mellin. Segmentation admin UI.
© Krista Mellin. Love Ago early concept.

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My usual locations are Helsinki and Tampere, but I am mostly working remotely.

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