Krista Mellin

Digital Designer

I've been designing for digital platforms for more than 17 years and now working as freelancer. My experience as design consultant spans different domains from healthcare to heavy industry. My core skills are:

· UI/UX design
· Visual design and data visualization
· Concept and product design
· Lean service creation
· Prototyping (Figma)

Currently I work with multiple clients, designing new concepts for modern technologies. In collaboration with data scientists, engineers, software architects and business strategists we are solving real life use cases.

My job is to ensure solutions are usable, understandable and valuable for end users with varying technological skills.

Let's have a chat to find out how I can help you.

Hire me for UI | UX | visual | concept | service design or illustration on an hourly or fixed-price contract.
My usual locations are Helsinki and Tampere, but I am mostly working remotely.

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